Shearing sheds

Cleverdon’s Steel Constructions specialise in renovating shearing sheds, from a simple renovation to a complete fit out of a new or re-purposed shed, Cleverdon’s can help you out. All our gates and yard panels are manufactured in our workshop then taken to the shed to be fitted by our qualified welders.

Our sheep yard panels are made from heavy duty galvanised oval extrusion rail which provides excellent visibility and the fully welded design, ensures that no injuries can be sustained to the sheep, working dogs or people, focusing on work health and safety and animal welfare. Our gates are a swing lifting gate designed to have minimal drag and ease of use for the operator. All our post are of galvanised pipe, giving the yards strength when needed.

Our shearing boards consist of a straight raised board, with a focus on wool handler safety and work health practices. We can shape the shearing board to suit other sheds types including a saw tooth board, horseshoe or U shaped, or a single level working area, however we do recommend a raised board for work health and safety reasons. The shearing boards are all built from a steel frame and have softwood tongue and groove boards.  We recommend that all our sheds come with a safety cut off switch for all shearers, easily accessible by the wool handlers in the event of an emergency.

The chutes are recessed into the board so that the sheep can be easily released. The large opening makes it easy to let rams and bigger sheep go once they have been shorn. Each shearing stand has a large work area located at waist height for the shearer’s tools and accessories for each day.  The front of our catching pens are made with marine grade plywood as opposed to tongue and groove boards making it cheaper and cost effective, but just as durable.

All our shearing sheds can be designed as to how the customer would like it, optimising sheep flow and work efficiency.

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